Between back to school, holiday planning and chilly days ruining plans, it can be easy to go from on the go Summer into a Fall of Forget-ness. During the change in seasons it’s a perfect time to take a look at ways we can keep ourselves healthy and balanced. The key is to stay motivated. Seaopia would like to share some great ways to stay active and healthy this Fall!

Find a program to follow- You are more likely to be successful if you have a plan. Take classes such as yoga, dance, strength training, most you can even do at home in your living room via DVD our Youtube.

Strengthen your body’s defenses – Keep your gut healthy by consuming natural probiotics such as yogurt, miso soup and cultured vegetables.

Be active even on non-planned work out days - Even window shopping at your favorite mall will keep you moving.

Get a workout partner – A work out buddy will most likely keep you accountable, especially on days you feel sluggish

Make sure you get ample rest – Seven to eight hours a night of sleep offers the body a chance to repair, strengthen the immune system and eliminate toxins.

Try hiking - Taking a walk enjoying nature and colorful trees can be a great way to burn away holiday calories.

Pumpkin picking – Not only will picking out pumpkins be a fun outing for the family it can also provide 20 pounds of resistance training each time you pick one up and put one down.

Camping – When camping you are changing up your routine often taking in a lot less calories if you are one to explore your new surroundings you will most likely burn the calories you do intake.



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