Flower Crowns The New Beach Must Haves!!

Fresh flower halos have been a popular accessory all over the world for centuries, flower crowns also known as wreaths are associated with Ancient Greek attire. The Ancient Greek Flower Crown were worn to honor Gods, different plants were dedicated to various gods: oak to Zeus, laurel to Apollo, herbs to Demeter, grapevine to Dionysos and myrtle to Aphrodite.

Wreaths were also part of clothing in Ancient Rome. Laurel wreaths were used by military and public officials in parades. Wreaths there were made out of olive leaves were worn by consuls and senators.

The Ukrainian Flower crown was worn by girls of a marriageable age.  

In the 1960's Flower crowns were worn though the hippie style subculture.

Today you can feel and look like a sun goddess this summer when you hit the beach with your flower halo! Flower crown hair accessories can be worn with anything. Dress up your bikini or wear your crown and romanticize any look!






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