Assateague Island Home Of The Wild Horses!

How many of you when you were little just wanted to have a pony with visions of horseback rides for all your friends? The upkeep on a pet such as a pony or horse would be too much for most modern day parents. Seaopia came across the next best thing, a beach you can visit with your family full of beautiful roaming horses and ponies. Assateague Island is made of 37 miles with portions located in Maryland stretching into a portion of Virginia. The Virginia section contains Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and a small part of the national seashore. It is best known for its herds of feral horses, pristine beaches, and the Assateague Lighthouse. There is bridge access on the island for cars from both Maryland and Virginia, though no road runs the full length of the island.

A feral horse is a free-roaming horse of domesticated ancestry. They are not a wild animal in the sense of an animal without domesticated ancestors. However, some populations of feral horses are managed as wildlife, popularly called "wild" horses. Feral horses are descended from domestic horses that strayed, escaped, or were deliberately released into the wild and remained to survive and reproduce there. Away from humans, over time, these animals' patterns of behavior revert to behavior more closely resembling that of wild horses. 

Here are some captures we thought you would enjoy of the horses on Assateague Island. 




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