The Next Best Thing To The Little Black Dress Is The Little Black Swimsuit

The next best thing to the little black dress is the little black bikini or swimsuit. We all have our “go-to” dress’s, shoes, sweat pants, and jeans. The same should go for your swimwear!
  • A black swimsuit is perfect for mix matching. A basic black bikini bottom/ top are always useful.
  • The color black is a flattering color on any skin tone.
  • A great quality of black swimwear they last longer than any other color in regards to fading and stains.
  • Lastly, black is timeless and blends with everything, so if you haven't already done so go get your little black swimsuit today!
Some suggestions below from collections like our Amber, Starr, Demi and Neoprene all available at




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