Nail Art Ideas For This Summer

When looking into the origination of nail art nail color was first used to indicate a persons social status. In the 1300 BC era ordinary people were not allowed to have the same color as the Egyptian Queens. During that time nails were decorated using henna plant juices. I found that the well known and popular French manicure hit the Parisian runways back in 1976 creating a versatile practical style that is still used by many today.

When looking for an easy change this summer nails are perfect way to express your fun side. There are so many different styles and designs you can play with using various designs, colors with the ability to  accent with rhinestones and studs. Check out some of the fun nail styles perfect to rock this summer!

You can add a different color and decoration on one or more nails on each hand to spice up your look and create your own theme!



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