Hair Color Trends For 2016


With Summer comes change. The warmer climate changes the way we tend to dress and often is a huge influence on where we spend our free time. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with a new hair color. We have highlighted some hot new hair color trends for this summer.  

Tortoiseshell Hair is a beachy style of ombre mixing three or more colors focusing on warmth through the strands. Some ideal colors used would be a darker hue, a mid-light and a golden highlight

Denim Blue can be a light, medium, or dark mixtures of grays, indigos, and deep-sea blues

Rose Gold is a coppery red tone with hints of gold and pinky rose

Pastel Highlights if you are having trouble picking a color why not dabble in them all. Adding various pastel hints are fun and screams summer!

One thing to keep in mind when considering hair color is you can always change it or go back. Have fun this summer and experiment with different colors and shades and create the new you with your new doo!




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