Healthy Summer Snack Ideas


Warm weather equals beach outings, pool parties and road trips where we are forced to be more conscious about our health and our looks. Seaopia has listed some tasty summer snacks that are easy on you and your waistline.

Yogurt Parfait Popsicles

You simply layer popsicle molds with vanilla yogurt with your fruits of choice, granola, and top off with a drizzle of honey. The honey will help the granola adhere and freeze better; it is a bit sticky and will make it a bit hard to remove from the popsicle molds. Running the molds under warm water and a bit of wiggling action will do the trick!

Fruit Kabobs


These kabobs are easy to make, they look great on display and are a healthy alternative to the common on the go snack. Simply add your favorite fruits on a skewer! 

Watermelon Pizza

The sky is the limit when it comes to toppings on this delicious treat. Top it with various fruits, cream cheeses you can even add you favorite nuts.

 Creative Trail Mix

Combine dried fruits, nuts, granola and cereal to create your own custom trail mix!

Protein Power Skewers

Get satisfied while watching your carb intake with an avocado and turkey skewer. Drizzle a light dressing or hot sauce to add extra kick or flavor.




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